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Data has the potential to change the very course of human history, so why do we waste such a valuable resource on unreadable charts and misleading graphics? Graphics and Data Visualization is a new 1-credit class specifically designed to equip engineers in all disciplines with a practical knowledge of graphic design in order to devise inventive new ways of interacting with data both on and off your traditional chart. The course is comprised of short hands-on projects to teach the fundamentals of visualization and will change the way you see and communicate information.

Graphics and Data Visualization was offered in the Fall 2013 semester at the University of Virginia through Engineering Student Council's Student Taught Classes program. Approximately 62 students participated on-grounds (mostly for credit but approx. four students just sat in) and hundreds more joined in online.

The course concluded on December 3rd, 2013 and has been deemed a great success. The Course Instructor, Kevin McVey, received a Jefferson Cup for teaching excellence and engagement with the Charlottesville community through CS1501. Baron Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO of MySQL-monitoring and informatics start-up VividCortex kicked off the class' Final Design Symposium with a tech-talk on Data Visualization and Statistics. An interview with Kevin McVey was featured in the UVa SEAS "Why Engineering" promotional video and the course was also featured in UVa Today.

Putting together CS1501 Graphics and Data Visualization was an incredible experience. This website has been created in order to document and archive; I hope you'll take the time to explore its resources and maybe even follow along yourself! On the top of this page you can find links to the course syllabus as well as all class materials including lecture slides and sample code provided to the course's enrolled students. The course assignments with sample solutions are provided for documentation's sake under "Assignments." Finally, the class' Final Projects are included under the "Final" tab in recognition of their hard work and as an example of what can be accomplished in one short semester for one small credit.

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Kevin McVey (top) Corey Cochran: VFC & Lecture 3 Guest (bottom)
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