CS1501: Final Project
Students enrolled in CS1501 for University of Virginia credit were required to design and implement their own visualizations as a three-week final exercise. The project description (provided here) was intentionally left open-ended so that students would have the freedom to choose whatever data sets they desired to work with. This page has been left as an archive of the class' work; each project has been hosted with permission and remain the property of their creator(s) as listed. Final projects were presented in the "CS1501 Design Symposium" in a conference-style fashion on December 3rd, 2013. Note: Our class standardized the use of Google Chrome as our course browser of choice. If these projects render incorrectly, consider viewing in Chrome or another modern browser that supports SVG and CSS3.

The Price of Weed
Chet Gray
Global Suicide Rates By Country
Lauren Barker, Julia Jun, Gage Gaskins, Stephen Le
Bank Failures Across The United States
Katy Williamson, Sarah Watson, Vinay Dandekar
Rap Stats
Travis Pennetti, Michelle Chaillo, Eric Smith, Kaley Ricciardelli, Zakary Kriameche
Indigenous Languages by Latitude
Shannon O'Donnell
TheCourseForum Course Ratings Visualizer
Purnam Jantrania, Douglas Bae, Matt Voda, Julius Ha
Mumford and Sons Lyrics Visualizer
Rollin Guernsey, Zach Jones, Jake Kenneally, Tara Nair, Luke Kim
Location and Use of Instagram Filters
Jasdev Singh
BCS Bowl Simulator
James MacRae, Ana Saragoza, Natalie Powers
Location of UVa Students and Alumni
Colin Rooney, Kienan Adams, Daniel Saha
Workout Plan Visualizer
Tianqi Jiang, Ran Yang, Catherine Tong, Xinci Zhang
UK Olympics Medal Count
Bharat Rao, Bilal Ali, Vincent Ning, Kevin Chen
VividCortex SQL Query Visualization
Mike Bunting, Christina Le, Jessica Lee, Brent Baumgartner
Neural Network
Travis Dean
Graphing ITunes
Will Mullany, Tyler Robbins, Pasha Davoudian
Voting Rates
Kasey McKenna
Running Back Projected Rankings
Alan Hua, Syed Hassan
UFO Sightings Per State
Khalid Hoffman
Interactive Demographics
Flint Song, Julien Fraiha, Nithin Donnipad, Nathan Tabelon
Soundcloud in the Frequency Domain -- Skrillex (Chase & Status)
Chris Hutson, Corrigan Blanchfield
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