Variations & 50 Lines
Digital art installations by Kevin McVey
Welcome Seattle Maker Faire!
"The idea becomes a machine that makes the art."
Sol Lewitt (1965)  

Variations & 50 Lines are interactive conceptual art installations created by Kevin McVey that invite viewers to explore the subtle beauty of geometry and take home a copy of their work.

Viewers of Variations and 50 Lines are put in control of simple tools that create unique and stunning pieces of visual media based upon predefined rules.

Variations seeks harmony amongst algorithmically generated regular polygons &
50 Lines turns figure to field through repetition of lines in familiar patterns

On the web, viewers can share their creations by using the automatically updating parameter list stored in the pieces' URLs. When installed, viewers can print out their creations on-site to take home for safe-keeping.

The physical installations make use of Raspberry Pi; a stack lovingly written in C, JavaScript, and SVG; laser-etched acrylic plastic interfaces and plywood supports created at Metrix Create Space; and frames + displays hand-picked from a local Goodwill.

Both Variations and 50 Lines were demoed at the 2015 Amazon Maker Expo and received an enthusiastic response from adult makers and their children alike. In the spirit of Conceptual Art, the source code for these pieces can be found on the artist's github.