DEVL.js v0.1

DEVL.js was created by Kevin McVey as an independent research project at the University of Virginia. Further documentation of this software, its goals, and its utility may be found here and further documentation of specific DEVL.js formatting features may be found in the "tool tips" on the DEVL Dashboard along with HTML and SVG export tools.

As this software's goals are entirely educational, the project's uncompressed source is available free of charge for the sake of re-use or modification in compliance with the MIT License under which this software is released. Fair warning to fellow developers: the source underwent a number of mutations during development as I explored the nuances of SVG and to some extent JavaScript and design. You will likely find the source a bit scatterbrained and undocumented -- the next step for this project would be to re-write the source now that its goals and features are well defined. I welcome any feedback, bug reports, and contributions via email: kmm4ce (at) virginia (dot) edu.

Special thanks to my excellent advisor Professor Eric Field of the UVa School of Architecture and to the University of Virginia Insight Laboratory for which this project was created and to which this project was presented.

Enough formalities and niceties, here's the uncompressed source of DEVL.js!