In Media

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a number of news, publication, and documentary appearances over the past few years—hopefully this page saves you the trouble of using a search engine when looking for any of it. All of the following links are sorted by date from most to least recent.

Variations & 50 Lines on the EMP Museum’s Website (Aug 2015)
TED: Kevin McVey TEDxUVA Live Recording (Dec 2014)
CS1501 covered in 2014 IEEE Frontiers in Education conference paper (Oct 2014)
The Spectra Research Journal: Highlighted undergraduate researcher (pg. 30) (Apr 2014)
CollegeStartup: Summary of my talk at TEDxUVA (Apr 2014)
UVa Today: Amuse Bouche Opens for SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata (Apr 2014)
UVa Admissions: Computer Engineering Student Profile (Mar 2014)
Cavalier Daily: TEDxUVA Making the Path coverage (Feb 2014)
C-Ville: TEDxUVA Making the Path coverage (Feb 2014)
UVaToday: AMIA Student Design Challenge awards press release (Jan 2014)
Cavalier Daily: AMIA Student Design Challenge coverage (Jan 2014)
AMIA: Student Design Challenge awards announcement (Dec 2013)
UVa School of Medicine: AMIA Student Design Challenge press release (Dec 2013)
PRWeb: AMIA Student Design Challenge coverage (Dec 2013)
UVa Computer Engineering: Recent News (Dec 2013)
UVaToday: Student Taught Classes (CS1501) coverage and interview (Dec 2013)
UVa inSight Laboratory: DEVL.js (Dec 2013)
WUVA Online: TEDxUVA Student Speaker Interviews (Dec 2013)
Rust-Class: Final Projects (Dec 2013)
UVaToday: Hearst Health Challenge awards announcement (Nov 2013)
Cavalier Daily: Hearst Health Challenge coverage (Nov 2013)
Cavalier Daily: TEDxUVA Student Speaker Competition awards announcement (Nov 2013)
UVa Student Council: Cavalier Education (INST1550) course catalog (Nov 2013)
UVa School of Engineering and Applied Science: “Why UVa Engineering?” interview (Nov 2013)
Video DanzaBA: re:BOUND screendance (Sept 2013)
UVaToday: Final Fridays Art Show features my artwork (Apr 2013)
“Iridescent” documentary (Jan 2013)
Coverage of “Snowballs On Steps (For David Hammons)” (Jan 2013)
Cavalier Daily: Amuse Bouche Improv Comedy interview (Jan 2013)
WUVA: Amuse Bouche Improv Comedy interview (Nov 2012)
Amuse Bouche Improv Comedy documentary (Oct 2012)
UVaToday: unPainting coverage and interview (Oct 2011)
(Note: This story was also covered by a local NPR affiliate but has since been taken offline.)