About Me

Hiya, I’m Kevin McVey

I’m a computer engineer and multimedia artist living in Seattle, WA. I enjoy strong coffee, Moleskine notebooks, and overthinking comedy.

I’m passionate about the intersections between engineering and the humanities and am always looking for opportunities to contribute to technologies that make us more creative, thoughtful, and productive people. I hoofed it out West in 2014 after graduating from the University of Virginia where I studied Computer Engineering and Architecture. My twin theses in Computer Engineering and Science, Technology, and Society explored rapid product development and the social processes by which digital commodities are redefined by their users.

I contributed to the radiation-hardened microprocessor onboard the Mars rover Curiosity, used a live sabre fencing bout to teach an award-winning Data Visualization MOOC to students around the world, almost got expelled from public school for starting a fiercely patriotic micronation, composed the score for an experimental dance performed in a country I’ve never visited, and invented a new kind of media-centric social network at Amazon.com.

My projects have been featured by The National Science Foundation, National Public Radio, IEEE, TEDx, Hearst Business Media, The American Medical Informatics Association, UVaToday, The Spectra Research Journal, and a mini-documentary entitled ‘Iridescent’.

So hey, thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from other engineers, artists, and designers excited about technologies that do delightful things. As I’m sure you’ll find in my portfolio here, I tend to spend my time with web technologies, embedded systems, computer graphics, and sensors. Drop me a line, I’m sure we can find the time to do something awesome together!

Feel free to email me at mcveymk@gmail.com,
drop by my LinkedIn profile,
or catch me on Twitter

(Thusfar I’ve had about a 0% success rate at dribbling a basketball between my legs. If you’re a scout for the L.A. Lakers I’d consider looking elsewhere.)