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These days I perform long-form improv comedy with a couple of troupes in Seattle, WA: Rock Bottom and Prude Beach. In the past I’ve performed improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up, was a weekly radio personality for WTJU & WUVA, and travelled around the East Coast to amp up crowds as a volunteer for FIRST Robotics Competition (an incredible high school program).

Rock Bottom
I’m one of the founding members of Rock Bottom, a long-form improv comedy troupe in Seattle, WA. We bring New York style Harolds and Armandos to new audiences on the West Coast so keep your eyes peeled for our shows!
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Amuse Bouche
From 2010 to 2014 I performed long-form improv comedy (what’s long-form?) with Amuse Bouche, “The oldest improv comedy troupe in Charlottesville, Virginia called ‘Amuse Bouche.’” We held three large shows a semester, made frequent appearances at smaller events as opening entertainment, and traveled around the country to participate in workshops and comedy festivals. The group is still performing (though I have sadly left…) and I encourage you to check out their website!
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La Petite Teet
From 2012 to 2014 I performed sketch comedy with a troupe we lovingly called La Petite Teet. With this great team of jokesters I wrote and performed sketches and videos that we showcased at the end of each semester in a live show not too unlike Saturday Night Live. Be sure to visit our website for more information and a backlog of our old videos.
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WTJU : Bad Blood
I got involved with the radio as soon as I began studying at UVa. For four wonderful years I was an on-air DJ with 91.1 FM WTJU in Charlottesville & Richmond, Virginia where I co-hosted an electronic music program called “Bad Blood” on Wednesday nights from 11pm to 1am. You can check out old shows in our tape vault for a sample of my work and a collection of old playlists (yes, I get to pick the music!). For a while there I was also the Programming Director of the WTJU Rock Department and assisted with our annual pledge drives–community funded radio needs community to stay freeform!
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Sometimes for your events you just need someone to bring in the high energy and for FIRST Robotics that’s where I come in. Since 2008 I’ve been hauled all around Virginia to be the Master of Ceremonies and/or Game Announcer for a number of FIRST Robotics events ranging from small childrens’ Lego robotics competitions to massive scale high school competitions with sixty teams and more volunteers than I can count.
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