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Curated Snaps
A collection of perhaps misguided attempts at marrying modern art and social media, Curated Snaps is a sample of my “phases” across the popular ephemeral social network, Snapchat. The project can be viewed on any web-browser but mobile users double-check that you’re on Wifi.
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Painting & the Flag
A number of my acrylic and acrylic wash pieces, meditations on conceptual art and the American flag, were displayed as a part of Painting the American Flag & Works on Paper, an art show curated by Sanda Iliescu at the Elmaleh Gallery at the University of Virginia in April 2013. The installation was covered by UVaToday and featured beautiful works by student-artists Zeina Ahmed, Chase Camuzzi, and Brittany Harris.
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Variations is an interactive conceptual art installation that invites viewers to explore the subtle beauty of geometry through algorithmically generated polygons. The piece, constructed as a physical installation, makes use of a JavaScript, SVG, and C stack built atop a Raspberry Pi and a laser-etched frame, support, and UI constructed at Metrix Create:Space. The piece, like its brother 50 Lines was demoed at the 2015 Amazon Maker Expo and Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Be sure to check out the project’s online mirror and homepage (with pictures!).
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50 Lines
50 Lines is an interactive conceptual art installation that generates unique and beautiful images based upon simple user input that controls the repetition of lines on a canvas. The physical installation is built atop a Raspberry Pi, a custom laser-etched acrylic plastic UI, and a hand picked monitor + frame pair from a local Goodwill. The piece was demoed at the 2015 Amazon Maker Expo and Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Check out the project’s online mirror and a gallery of photos from the event.
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If You Were Here
If You Were Here is an interactive exploration of Soundscape Architecture focusing upon the unique sonic qualities of different locations around the lawn at the University of Virginia. The application ingests audio recordings and modifies them to sound as though they were recorded around Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village. The project was funded by a generous donation by the Jefferson Trust and can be explored as an interactive webapp.
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In 2011 I worked with Professor Sanda Iliescu on an installation public art piece for the first floor of Campbell Hall on grounds at the University of Virginia. This project “unpainted” a wall from yellow to white using algorithmically placed lines of tape and layers of white paint washes over the course of ten days. Accompanying it was a sound piece I composed entitled “Semicolon.” This project received much attention and was covered by UVa Today, earned me an interview by National Public Radio, and included an exhibition where I gave a short lecture about how mathematics can link to music and the arts.
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Snowballs on Steps
“Both precarious and poignant, the object mediates between buyer and seller, artist and audience.” -Sanda Iliescu — Snowballs on Steps was a collaborative installation constructed at the University of Virginia School of Architecture in Spring 2013. The piece engaged passersby with a field of temporary objects carefully constructed and arranged yet doomed to melt within the day. Organizer Sanda Iliescu wrote about the piece here.
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Fractal Art
From 2007 to 2009 I produced some two hundred pieces of digitally created fractal art using a variety of flame editors and rendering tools in order to study the beautiful connection between mathematics and digital art. Occasionally these pieces were captioned and compiled into a 50 piece set of works loosely telling stories that built upon existentialism and humor. My fractal art was featured in “Molten Art” literature and art magazine, used as the album art for 8-Bit Collective’s “Obscure Time Signatures Volume 2 – The Fourth Dimension” compilation album, and used as the cover art for a soon-to-be-published book “Neodymium Betrayal” by Jen Finelli.
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Homebrew Visuals
In my electronic experimentation I developed a very simple method for generating interesting glitch-art using an old Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. By isolating the two VRAM chips and running the address leads to a breakout box, the sprite sheets and color palettes are left to the whims of the user. I’ve got a demonstration here although it doesn’t get interesting until about 8:00. I built a few of these devices; they’ve been used in performances along the East coast and have been sold as far away as Australia! One of my devices was used by video artist fsck in his music video for “Ice Ice Bacon” and another can be seen in the demo “CR#CK” by glitch artist INEEDAMEDIC.
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