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What does live sabre fencing have to do with information design? More than you would think!

I’m passionate about teaching and education and seek out as many opportunities to apply this passion as I can. At the University of Virginia I was the first undergraduate to be awarded the University of Virginia department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s “Outstanding Teaching Assistant” award, was twice the recipient of the Louis T. Rader Chairperson’s award for significant contributions to undergraduate education, and was awarded a Jefferson Cup by the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for excellence in developing unique experiential learning programs.

TED Speaker
On February 22nd, 2014 I gave a TED talk at the second annual TEDxUVA conference in Charlottesville, Virginia. My talk, How I Accidentally Ruled A World Power And Nearly Paid The Price, was given to a live audience of 100 ticket-lottery winners and several hundred others via an online livestream. The talk focused upon my unique theories of leadership, how I came to be the ruler of a micronation called “The Kingdom of Ardent,” and how an unexpected explosion of nationalism nearly got me expelled from public school. A recording of the talk can be found on TED’s website.
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CS1501 Lecturer
In the Fall 2013 semester at the University of Virginia I taught a brand new course of my own design entitled “Graphics and Data Visualization.” Branded with the CS1501 course mnemonic, this new 1-credit class is specifically designed to equip engineers in all disciplines with a practical knowledge of graphic design in order to devise inventive new ways of interacting with data both on and off your traditional chart. CS1501 concluded in December of 2013 with 60 students enrolled locally and hundreds more online utilizing my course materials posted on the class website. An education research paper studying undergraduate students as teachers citing my class was presented at the IEEE Frontiers In Education conference as well as to the University of Virginia Board of Visitors in October 2014.
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INST1550 Lecturer
In the Spring 2014 semester I was selected, with co-teacher Ida Knox, to teach a two-credit seminar on public speaking and improv comedy. The course, INST1550 Improv Comedy: Theory, Practice, and Performance, has 24 students enrolled and teaches the theory of comedy, public performance, and confidence in speaking. The class will conclude in April 2014.
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Machine Vision
In the Fall 2012 semester I wrote a syllabus for a potential new interdisciplinary class on Machine Vision. In the Spring 2013 semester the course was approved, given the name ECE4502 – Machine Vision, and I was given authority of the class under the direction of Professors Joanne Dugan and Harry Powell. The course has focused on computer vision, rapid model prototyping in CAD, 3D printing, programming for Embedded Systems, and electronics design. The final project, which is still in progress, is to build a rapid gumball sorting device that sorts three gumballs a second by color.
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Embedded Sys. TA
Since Fall 2012 I have worked as a Teaching Assistant for UVa’s only course on Embedded Systems, ECE3501, taught by Professors Joanne Dugan and Harry Powell. My work as a TA includes development of lab projects, some lectures, holding extra office hours, lots of debugging, and grading. Some projects I teach on include developing software for a motor controller, signal filtering, and a 2-axis level that interfaces with gyroscopes. Read more from the UVa ECE Department Newsletter.
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Intro to CompSci TA
In the Spring of 2011 I worked as a Teaching Assistant for UVa’s CS1110 Introduction to (Java) Programming course. I graded, helped develop homework projects, and managed a laboratory section of roughly forty students where I did a lot of debugging and gave short presentations on everything from what integers are to how to string together Classes. My favorite compliment was when a student referred to me as “The Nice TA” when I stayed an extra couple of hours late to debug her zombie survival game.
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Improv Coach
When back at home I frequently get picked up by my town’s local high schools in order to teach their drama students how to perform better improv comedy. I have led a number of two-hour workshops covering material ranging from how to accept gifts from your scene partner and how to move toward agreement to “Game” and La’Ronde work. So far nobody has left unhappy and I’ve got a lovely signed t-shirt to show it!
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E-School Guide
Since Fall 2011 I have been a member of the University of Virginia Engineering School Guide Service, or “E-Guides” for short. As a guide I give hour-long tours of the Engineering School, answer questions about curriculum, admissions, and student life, and act as a liaison between the school and V.I.P. guests. Occasionally I am also tasked with speaking on student panels and have lectured at a UVa admissions panel, Computer Engineering majors night, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering open-house.
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